= 5.3, it is recommended to disable * deprecated notices. Disable with: E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED */ //error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT); error_reporting(0); /** * End of standard configuration! Changing any of the code below should only be * attempted by those with a working knowledge of Kohana internals. * * @link http://kohanaframework.org/guide/using.configuration */ // Set the full path to the docroot define('DOCROOT', realpath(dirname(__FILE__)).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR); // Make the application relative to the docroot, for symlink'd index.php if ( ! is_dir($application) AND is_dir(DOCROOT.$application)) $application = DOCROOT.$application; // Make the modules relative to the docroot, for symlink'd index.php if ( ! is_dir($modules) AND is_dir(DOCROOT.$modules)) $modules = DOCROOT.$modules; // Make the system relative to the docroot, for symlink'd index.php if ( ! is_dir($system) AND is_dir(DOCROOT.$system)) $system = DOCROOT.$system; // Make the taglib relative to the docroot, for symlink'd index.php if ( ! is_dir($taglib) AND is_dir(DOCROOT.$taglib)) $taglib = DOCROOT.$taglib; // Define the absolute paths for configured directories has '/' define('APPPATH', realpath($application).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR); define('MODPATH', realpath($modules).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR); define('SYSPATH', realpath($system).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR); define('TAGPATH',realpath($taglib).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR); define('BASEPATH',DOCROOT);//系统根目录 //user define param no '/' define('SLINEDATA', BASEPATH.'data'); //数据目录 define('UPLOADPATH',BASEPATH.'uploads');//上传目录 define('PUBLICPATH',DOCROOT.'public');//资源目录 define('VIEWPATH',APPPATH.'views');//视图目录 define('USERTEMPLETPATH',DOCROOT.'usertpl');//自定义模板目录 //扩展目录 define('VENDORPATH',APPPATH.'vendor'); define('MODE','1');//开发者模式(0:上线模式,1:开发者模式) // Clean up the configuration vars unset($application, $modules, $system); /** * Define the start time of the application, used for profiling. */ if ( ! defined('KOHANA_START_TIME')) { define('KOHANA_START_TIME', microtime(TRUE)); } /** * Define the memory usage at the start of the application, used for profiling. */ if ( ! defined('KOHANA_START_MEMORY')) { define('KOHANA_START_MEMORY', memory_get_usage()); } // Bootstrap the application require APPPATH.'bootstrap'.EXT; if (PHP_SAPI == 'cli') // Try and load minion { class_exists('Minion_Task') OR die('Please enable the Minion module for CLI support.'); set_exception_handler(array('Minion_Exception', 'handler')); Minion_Task::factory(Minion_CLI::options())->execute(); } else { /** * Execute the main request. A source of the URI can be passed, eg: $_SERVER['PATH_INFO']. * If no source is specified, the URI will be automatically detected. */ echo Request::factory() ->execute() ->send_headers(TRUE) ->body(); }